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Products & Services

Agro-Alliance has an impressive network of manufacturers and formulators that it accesses in China.

All products sold by the company adhere to National and State legislations and registration requirements.


The business covers all major generic product formulations within the herbicide, insecticide and fungicide sectors of the Australian market.

We also hold registrations for a number of technical materials used in the various formulations.

Unlike many other importers and suppliers, we are not bound to only a select few product sources in China. We have access to more than 100 different manufacturers and formulators and have a Sister company in Nanjing that is currently rated in the top ten specialist formulators in China. With both Directors being from China and having spent more than 50 years collectively in the industry there, we know the market in China, we understand the culture and we communicate daily with our supply sources.

We currently  have some fifteen products registered in the Dog Book for use in specialist horticultural areas.


Although we are a low cost operator, Agro-Alliance presents a business model that offers price competitive products with extended payment terms, various levels of price protection, and  a quality control regime that starts in China with all shipments being monitored (including photos) prior to loading and finishes only after delivery to our clients nominated capital city transport depot. Through the ability to consolidate shipments out of China we are able to offer our clients both large and small volume ordering for most product types. Finally, we support our clients decision making by providing a news bulletin on a regular basis that details what is happening in China with regard to the major product sectors, and particularly Glyphosate.

Animal health products

Agro-Alliance entered this market in 2021 after more than ten years focussing only on the Agro-Chemical sector. The initial business is based on supplying large animal anthelmintics and external parasite treatments for cattle and sheep in both pour-on and injectable forms. As various formulations come off patent we will continue to introduce generic forms to the market and expand into the areas servicing horses and pigs etc. 


Agro-Alliance operates in several other areas of the market, however, the two principal sectors that we service are for the supply of technical chemical manufacturing material for specialist formulators and packers and the supply of small pack offerings for distributors and marketers in the home garden sector.

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