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About AgroAlliance

We are a multi-faceted business that has been operating across Australia for more than ten years. We have specific focuses on the importation of ag chemicals for broad acre and horticultural use, on small pack supply of chemicals for home garden use. Most recently we are preparing to enter the veterinary and animal health market in Australia during 2021. Finally, Agro-Alliance has a sister company back in Nanjing, China who support our activities in Australia and provide invaluable quality control services on many of our products prior to shipping. 
Our Company

Agro-Alliance operates from an office in south east Melbourne. The company has a number of trading names defined by the particular area of business involved. The company holds more than sixty registrations for applications in broad acre, veterinary or specialist active ingredients with the APVMA. Over the past ten years the company has built an impressive business network; it oversees the management of an industry forum based in China and with more than 100 contributing entities. It also has a strong relationship with the Australia-China Agribusiness Association.


Agro-Alliance has a commitment to provide the best possible service and customer care in each of the industry sectors that it operates. A key element of our growth strategy has been to ensure that we build trust with our client base both in Australia and in China. A further element to our mission is to ensure that whatever we are doing, it is paramount that the end result adds value to our business and our client’s business.

The environments we opperate

Our business elements have had to change over the past ten years in line with changes in the international and domestic market environments. However, change is the life blood of any good business so long as it comes with greater efficiencies, genuine purpose and management commitment. A dynamic business is one that changes with the times, a static business is one that dies quickly. Agro-Alliance is affected by many different elements of change. Our agricultural chemicals business is heavily affected by environmental changes brought on by such factors as la Ninia and el Ninio and global warming generally.

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