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Agro-Alliance is an Australian company building relationships based on trust. It brings to the market a real "can-do" attitude and a flexible and open mind as to how to best meet our client’s needs.

We work hard to develop long-term, strong relationships both in China and Australia. Our knowledge and networks within the Chinese manufacturing and formulation industries is second to none and represents a real and valuable strength of our business. It is our mission to ensure that our clients in Australia are able to leverage from that strength, benefits in buying power, quality of products , long term reliability and on-going trust.

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Barley finds a home in Mexico as CBH sends first shipment from WA


Mouse plague wreaks havoc across parts of NSW, farmers fear for crops


Agro-Alliance (Australia) Pty Ltd is a progressive company established to facilitate the supply of agro chemical products and Animal health products to Australian farmers and in so doing, help those farmers to maximize the productivity of their operations.

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